Aerial Tool Corp. first with the safety aspect of aerial services performed in the field. The aerial tool eliminates a variety risks associated with elevated work related activities.  

The remote control operation of the ATC eliminates the requirement to be chainsaw certified, Chainsaws are extremely effective, yet extremely dangerous tools, with accidents a potential with even the most experienced professionals. 

The ability to train new operators expanding the labour pool to those that that have been excluded from the sector at height or limitations.

Extreme weather? No problem. 

Most tree related issues occur during extreme weather events, a time when manufacturers of aerial work platforms, restrict safe usage.  The ATC solution allow utilities rapid response to these events in a worker safe environment.

Remote Operations

The remote controlled operation of the machine allows the operators to perform safe operation from the ground, away from the machine, and well back from overhead dangers, such as falling branches or damaged trees.   

Safety First with ATC

Cost Benefit

  • From the ground
  • Away from Danger
  • Minimal physical requirements
  • Ease of Access
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Ability to control loose cuttings
  • All weather​​ solution



Cut costs of cutting

At Aerial Tool Corp. , we understand that safety is not the only deciding factor for our equipment.  The original concept for this machine was to solve a problem, which included accessibility, reducing outage times, reducing equipment needs and ultimately taking workers out of dangerous workplaces.  For economic considerations and case studies, please click the link below.