At Aerial Tool Corporation, we know that your safety needs are evolving and to reduce or eliminate time lost injuries, you need other tools added to your tool kit. The danger of elevated work problems will always be there,it is how we approach the problem that needs to change. It is not enough to stay with current technologies in providing a safer work environment. We have analyized your problems with elevated work requirements, with this understanding we have designed, engineered and built the answer. 

The product, named the SKYTOOL is a computerized, remote controlled robotic arm that is used to place an engineered and insulated barrier between the hazard and the worker. The SKYTOOL replaces the need for workers to perform work with dangerous tools such as chainsaws while elevated in bucket trucks or similar elevated vehicles. Designed to work with multiple end effectors, this product can be used to remove trees, branches, stems from hazardous locations even during inclement weather conditions.





Introducing the Skytool 80 

Remote Controlled